Project: Public Relations and Media Center Services for SIDF

In 2021, Alef Publishing and Media started working with the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF). We provided our client with corporate communication and media center services. As part of the project, we were also involved in developing content that comprised editing; translation; developing news stories; drafting reports and press releases; developing and reviewing presentation slides, graphic design; enhancing infographic and visual presentations; scriptwriting; drafting statements for MOT spokespersons and developing content for media campaigns for digital and traditional channels. It also included the development of the digital content for the transport sector to target internal and external audiences, building, developing and planning content strategies and providing media monitoring services, including reports and analysis.


  • Formulate and implement a public relations strategy and a promotional program for the SIDF and relevant industrial activities across Saudi Arabia.
  • Write press releases, newsletters and interviews for SIDF and the whole Saudi industrial sector.
  • Focus on people: Saudis and foreigners, government and private sector entities and companies.
  • Improve the corporate image and maintain the positive reputation of SIDF.
  • Disseminate information and raise awareness about SIDF services, plans and projects.
  • Positively impact target groups internally and externally.

Project Management

  • Alef appointed an editor to work at SIDF headquarters and deliver customer’s requirements.
  • Alef appointed a project manager, PR specialists and provided support through its in-house editorial team to develop written materials related to the industrial sector in the Kingdom.
  • Developed executive plans to ensure strategies are achieved.
  • Developed creative content and all press materials.
  • Monitored media, issued a monthly media report and analyzed SIDF media presence.
  • Developed programs and initiatives to enhance SIDF’s media communication.
  • Prepared, developed and launched public relations campaigns.
  • Trained SIDF corporate communication department’s staff and media center employees.
  • Contacted and provided columnists/opinion writers with supporting information.

Results and Achievements

  • Published hundreds of articles, reports and press releases developed and distributed by Alef team across media outlets.
  • Updated and developed SIDF key messages.
  • Developed the communication strategy.
  • Developed and executed the media activities plan.
  • Activated media monitoring and prepared analyses and reports.
  • Developed editorial and creative content.
  • Launched a program for communication with media and target audience.
  • Raised awareness about SIDF’s activities through media.