Project Terhal

Since 2007, the Ministry of Tourism has been publishing Terhal Magazine. A monthly magazine that focuses on tourism enablers and attractions in Saudi Arabia. Alef worked closely with the Ministry of Tourism on this project. Our company carried out the development and management of the magazine's content as well as design and printing. We also managed the magazine's website and social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. Additionally, Alef launched marketing campaigns for Terhal’s social media accounts to attract and engage more followers to communicate the right image about Terhal and achieve the set objectives.


Project Management

  • Alef appointed different teams to work on the project> The first team managed the content of the printed magazine. The second team managed the website. The third team, however, managed the social media accounts of the magazine.
  • Alef appointed a professional social media specialist to manage Terhal’s accounts. We also sourced an Editor and a Digital Marketing Specialist to work on the project. On the other hand, our team of editors, designers and photographers collaborated to produce the magazine.

Results and Achievements

  • Terhal is a leading specialized tourism magazine that introduces touristic and archeological attractions of Saudi Arabia in an unconventional way. Terhal’s website is a key channel of communication for Arabic-speaking public at home and abroad.
  • Developed the publishing and marketing strategy.
  • Developed daily posts for Terhal’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Developed weekly/monthly posts for Terhal’s accounts on Snapchat and YouTube.
  • Supported and enriched the social media accounts with integrated content including articles, videos, infographics, interviews, coverages, photography, ...etc.).