Project: Media Monitoring

The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) is an independent public legal entity that reports directly to the Prime Minister. SSC was established based on the Royal Decree No. (A/147) dated 20/04/1440 AH. Its mission is to regulate and develop all activities related to space to ensure a growing Saudi space sector in line with the Vision 2030 and the aspirations of all citizens. We at Alef Publishing and Media were tasked with monitoring all published materials regarding the SSC as well as all updates on modern technologies and research relating to space activities. We also kept tabs on all publications about international space agencies in all local, regional and international print and digital media, including TV and radio channels and social media platforms: (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+ and others). The monitoring was conducted in both Arabic and English as well as other main global languages including French, Russian and Chinese. We provided the SSC with a translated brief for each of such stories. Alef also monitored local, regional and international television channels and included them in our daily media report. Additionally, we developed a weekly and monthly analytical report on the trends of public opinion and how much a topic relating to space is getting traction. We also analyzed the public opinion on main emerging topics and announcements.


  • Electronic media monitoring that reports all press materials published about SSC.
  • Electronic media monitoring that reports all published information, new technologies or research on space activities.
  • Electronic media monitoring that reports and follows up all information published about space agencies around the world.
  • Monitoring of all Saudi and foreign newspapers and local and international magazines (paper and electronic): daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual.
  • Analyze the content of published information and develop scientific reports on them.
  • Deliver a daily media report about SSC and space to the Commission’s officials and a weekly report to board members.

Project Management

  • Alef appointed a team specialized in media monitoring, reporting and analytics and content development. The team featured professionals specialized in monitoring, editors, designers and translators.
  • Alef appointed a project manager, two monitoring specialists and a desk editor to prepare the required daily media report and analytical reports.

Results and Achievements

  • Delivered daily materials related to the Saudi Space Commission in an online accessible format so that the official in charge could follow up regularly or refer to archived materials when needed via the website.
  • The tasks were carried out using an analytics software that provide instant reports on the extent of media coverage (over a single day, a week, a month or over a specific period of time) classified based on: The number of materials published per newspaper, size of such material, relevant entities, topic, existence of non-existence of images, source of feedback/comments, material approach “impression”, number of materials present based on material type, a comprehensive report classified based on the number of materials present according to specific conditions selected by the user. The report can be exported into an Excel sheet to develop charts and graphs.