Project: Public Relations Services for the General Entertainment Authority (GEA)

In line with Saudi Vision 2030, the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) was established to organize, develop and lead the entertainment sector in the Kingdom. Its mandate includes providing exciting entertainment options and opportunities to all community groups across all regions of Saudi Arabia. The authority’s objective is to enrich and improve the quality of life and encourage private sector participation in building and developing entertainment activities. In that spirit, Alef Media and Publishing provided the GEA with public relations and media relations management services, helping the authority showcase its efforts and highlight its role among local and international audiences. To present a positive image, we publicized GEA’s activities, programs, projects and roles leveraging right communication channels and managing internal and external events and activities. In 2019, Alef provided media consulting services regarding the management of GEA’s public relations. We also  offered comprehensive solutions managed by a specialized team with a wide range of skills and expertise.


  • Coordinate GEA officials’ media appearance as appropriate to the status of GEA and its guests; and prepare the interviewer and guest.
  • Draft all editorial press materials news, releases, investigations, articles, statements, letters, etc. in addition to tweets quoting such media materials both in Arabic and English.
  • Write scripts of short videos and documentary films.
  • Draft PR social media posts.
  • Prepare the list of logistics and technical tasks for press conferences.
  • Submit a list of media agencies and their representatives and invite them separately to cover press conferences.
  • Prepare lists of answers for questions expected to be raised during press conferences.
  • Develop specific factsheets for campaigns and press conferences as requested by GEA.
  • Prepare designs, media materials, infographics and motion graphics information.
  • Create and develop a frequently asked questions (FAQs) list for GEA in Arabic and English.
  • Analyze GEA’s PR activity and corporate image across local and international media throughout 2018 - 2019 and provide solutions for development.
  • Create and develop media messages for events and seasons.
  • Create and execute GEA’s crisis management plan in Arabic and English.
  • Provide media training for GEA’s candidates.
  • Develop a comprehensive one-year media plan with monthly and weekly executive plans.
  • Develop a house style guide for GEA.
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly media monitoring reports to monitor GEA’s corporate image and its local and global positioning.
  • Develop a list of local and regional newspaper and media channels and international magazines and blogs; and contact information of editors-in-chief, journalists and channel managers.
  • Invite media, channels and news agencies to cover the events and activities and coordinate press interviews.
  • Prepare themes and answers for the press interviews.

Results and Achievements

  • Showcased GEA’s development through highlighting its events and activities.
  • Built a positive image for GEA via all media platforms to show its tasks, activities and achievements.
  • Created an effective mechanism for dealing and managing GEA community’s expectations.
  • Encouraged investors to innovate and excel in the entertainment sector.
  • Highlighted GEA’s achievements and its employees’ accomplishments in the Kingdom and underlineded the value it adds to the community.
  • Achieved balance and harmony between GEA’s strategic plan and the issues raised in the media and ensured GEA’s strategy relates directly to media reporting.
  • Built bridges for collaboration and communication between GEA and media.
  • Developed and deepened relations with writers, opinion leaders and journalists influencing the public opinion and interested in the entertainment industry.
  • Highlighted GEA’s efforts and initiatives to develop its activities and devise plans and projects for the future.
  • Engaged all groups of public and partners in the decision-making process through enabling them to send their opinions and suggestions to develop GEA’s activities.
  • Established GEA’s corporate identity in general.